Space is precious within your home’s footprint,

and Legere Restoration specializes in maximizing everything you have – including the square footage that might be forgotten below! Legere Restoration can transform your basement space – even if it’s dark, dank, and murky – into bright, elegant living space.

Unique materials and savvy design concepts will convert your existing square footage into everything from family recreation, office space or additional living space.

Basements require special treatment – given that most basement spaces are constructed of porous cinder blocks or cement, this space tends to hold the damp. In order to create a warm, livable space, it’s imperative that your walls and floor be sealed and that moisture be kept out using top-of-the-line sealants and special water resistant materials.

Our team will add the appropriate wiring and plumbing, allowing for easy access for future work, as well as insulation, wall, floor and ceiling coverings to achieve the right look, warm feel and welcoming space that you want.

A basement remodel/build out can allow you:

Legere Restoration will help design a space that will convert your existing basement and blend the new built out space seamlessly with your existing home.
  • Customized space
  • Dry, well-lit storage
  • Warm, comfortable living area
  • Efficient, bright office space
  • Additional bathroom/bedroom
  • Fitness area
  • Gaming/entertainment space