Insurance Claims

Call Legere Restorations first!

From the unfortunate moment you sustain a loss until the last coat of finish is applied to you damage restoration project, you have true partners in the recovery process with Legere Restoration.

Insurance carriers are experts at pricing your premiums and evaluating if coverage should apply to your loss, however once that coverage determination has been made by your insurance provider, the service Legere Restorations provides in evaluating the rest of the necessary repairs can be invaluable.

Many insurance adjusters have good intentions when trying to compile the costs associated with your insurance loss project. Legere Restoration, at no additional cost to you, will procure an additional evaluation for you, but rather loosing the costs on general assumptions and guesses that will be made by your adjuster, Legere Restorations will base our estimated costs on 30 years of real world experience. Legere Restorations will provide you with accurate, legitimate and bonafide proposals- not just theory!