Legere Value

The team at Legere Restorations has been restoring, remodeling and repairing commercial and residential buildings in the Capital District for over 25 years. From interior to exterior, from foundation to roof, Legere Restoration can address nearly every aspect of your home and personal property, from simple to complex.

Legere Restoration makes its home in Schenectady, NY and proudly serves the communities in and around the Capital District. Contact us at 518-399-1179 today to discuss your free estimate for any of your home’s needs.


Our success is a direct result of our customer’s success. Our team is trained and eager to help you develop, understand and possibly think about your project in different ways, all in an effort in assisting you to achieve your project goals!

There can often be different and appropriate approaches in achieving any goal; however, having the experience and the know-how in regularly choosing the right path at the right time only comes through years of successful, dedicated service.

Providing exceptional value comes naturally to us. One of the critical components in helping us to achieve this goal come about in our competence in remaining truthful. To quote Mark Twain, “If you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything!”

Many of our customer’s appreciate that when hiring Legere Restorations, they know they’ve just hired a partner in their construction project. Both parties will remain engaged in a cooperative pursuit in value. There are a lot of great tradesmen in the world, but often some of the best tradesmen lack the support of a good management team supporting what they do best. Many of our own
tradesman are people who could easily go out on their own and run their own business in order to preform their trade.

In the trades these types of individuals and/or businesses are often referred to as “Chuck-in-a-Truck.” Great technicians who can do excellent things with their hands and tools, but when they leave your home each day after installing components of your project, their day is not over. At night these folks often have to meet with new potential customers, new suppliers, work on estimates,
invoicing, collections, taxes, insurances, not to mention occasionally responding to potential warranty issues from past projects.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this business model, but years ago, Legere’s had the idea that we could do better. By hiring these very same, very talented individuals, it was our belief that we could take these same very talented technicians and provide them an opportunity to shed all the background work necessary to be a successful contractor, allowing them to focus on what they do
best: build, create, construct and repair! By developing a team approach towards the construction process we have been able to take all of our employees best talents and help them remain on a focused approach. Our employees work more accurately and at a higher level because they know they do not have to hunt around for the next job, they do not have to spend time worrying about vacations
or insurance.

The Legere management team hire the very best tradesmen who have the time and resources necessary to not only promise an open and truthful approach but they’ve partnered with a team capable of bringing piece of mind that good old “Chuck-in-a-truck” may simply not have. Your project will be specifically assigned to a professional project management team who will become your greatest
advocates, who will search out the best values for you and who will remain available to you from the project inception process all the way through the application in the last coat of finish. Should an anomaly or inconsistency present itself during your project, you can rest assured your management team will remain available to you.

Another benefit in hiring Legere Restorations comes in the form of our Limited Lifetime Warranty. After our workers have left your home and you settle into your new environment, you can rest easy knowing that should any problems with your project turn up at a latter date or time, all you have to do is contact our office for service. You will not have to remember which carpenter did what, what painter painted what, or what plumber plumbed what. all you’ll have to remember is that you had Legere Restorations complete your project. Due to our extensive record keeping practices, our management team can efficiently and quickly re-investigate you’re project and develop a solution to any project challenge you may face.