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I first contacted Legere Restorations after putting in for a claim with my insurance company. When I was given the go ahead to fix the problem, I asked them for suggestions. Someone from Legere came out to the house the same day. The workers were friendly, helpful and professional. They did a great job and left my home clean. I have already recommended them to a neighbor and will continue to recommend Legere to my friends. – D. Davis

We used Legere for an adaptive reuse of a former industrial building. We called them because we knew that they have experience working with these types of buildings. During the design phase Legere had the vision we lacked. They saw how good the building could look. We constantly recommend Legere restoration to our friends, families and business associates. – J. Smith

Legere Restorations showed great service and care when I most needed it. They are very good people, almost all of their men are talented, caring and very professional. I would recommend Legre Restorations because they are responsive, comprehensive, and provide high quality work. – H. Shawky

Prior to our even being able to process the devastation we faced, Ray Legere had responded to our call for help the next day. Hurricane Irene had filled our cellar with the Mohawk River and deposited 2 1/2 feet of waterand muck throughout our 1st floor historic residence, destroying 30 years of thoughtful accumulation, restoration and renovation. After 7 long months of painstaking effort and decision-making, Ray’s expertise and fine aesthetic sense has given us back a home to be proud of.

Definitely a “hands-on” kind of guy, the title of “owner” never stopped Ray from getting down and dirty, starting with his hosing down a 200 year old cellar filled with debris, mold and the remains of the River, including live fish. There was no task he asked of his workers that he was not himself ready and capable of executing. The people he called on to help restore our home were skilled artisans. Not a person who daily entered our building would not be a welcome guest here today. His staff worked ceaselessly to recreate our prized possession, never faltering in vigor and enthusiasm for the task. Each aspect of our restoration was placed in the most capable hands of workers cheerfully undertaking their own task while melding with the team in place, all the time chatting amiably among themselves From the most menial task(s) of silt removal to the demanding recreation of 200 year-old woodwork & moldings, Ray & his group worked tirelessly to return our house to us in pristine, safe and historically accurate condition.

All of this was not without extreme anxiety and cost. Ray deftly handled our financial demands and providers when complications and costs exceeded anything that could have been anticipated by the ordinary layman. No agency designed to see us through this tragedy did so without the most gruelling interrogations, numerous and excessive inspections and paper-work, submitted & resubmitted repeatedly with constant and continually changing demands. A representative our our insurance company once queried, “Why don’t you just tear the thing down and start over?” Operating in that arena, Ray consistently provided the necessary answers, advice and documentations.

We daily rejoice in our good fortune to have had Ray and all of his people to work with through this most horrible of events.

D & B. Marhafer

We first came to know Legere six years ago. We and our neighbors both experienced flooded basements on the same day, with our finished basement requiring total gutting and reconstruction. The neighbor’s insurance company recommended Legere, and those neighbors–who own a hardware store and know many contractors–seemed happy with the work, so we called Legere as well. Legere came promptly, explained the cost, explained the scope of the necessary work, laid out how we’d all coexist in a construction zone for several weeks, dealt with our wholly uncooperative independent insurance adjuster, cooperated fully with our insurance company, worked reliably on the project until it was complete, and responded cheerfully to our requests for changes along the way.

Since that first project, we have hired Legere for jobs big (a new roof and a new kitchen) and small (installing a garbage disposal). Their expertise and trustworthiness on the big jobs is a source of indispensable piece of mind, and their willingness to do the smaller jobs keeps us out of the hands of less skilled handypersons. They communicate with us impeccably, which is also a tremendous minimizer of frustration. They manage their subcontractors seamlessly, which must mean that they both vet and pay them diligently. They are organized, neat, pleasant, prompt, and proactive. They are not the cheapest game in town, but–perhaps represent better than anything else in my life–illustrate the truth of the idea that sometimes you do truly get what you pay for.
They are worth every penny.

A. Alpart

I called Legere Restorations because I had a large renovation project which needed to be done in a short period of time. I knew Legere had the expertise and resources to be able to complete the project in the time frame desired. Leger was very cooperative and worked with us for any changes or adjustments that had to be made, all the while keeping the project cost within the quoted estimate. In addition, Legere’s was graciously willing to come back to fix any issues which arose after the project was completed.

Legere Restorations was very helpful in the planning, suggestion and implementation phases of the project. I would recommend them for any construction or renovation project. They are honest, reputable, knowledgeable and caring about their clients.

In addition to the one large project, Legere’s has also done a number of small renovation projects at my home. I have never had a complaint about their work. A Supervisor always appears at the jobsite during the construction and after the project is completed to make sure everything is done correctly and to the satisfaction of the client.

– J. Zongrone